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Our marketing services include e-newsletter campaigns, printed newsletters, design for print and branding, optimised website development and digital analytics.

Email Marketing

An example of an email newsletter from Legal Media

Email marketing has a number of key benefits over traditional forms of marketing. Almost all of your clients will have an email address and this means that with their consent, you can include them in your marketing to complement your printed newsletters.

Email marketing can be instant and the results measured in real time giving you insights to client engagement with your content. However it is just as easy to get it wrong and waste opportunities with poorly implemented campaigns.

Legal Media have been extremely helpful with advice regarding the design, content and marketing value of our written and digital newsletter. We would not have a newsletter without them and consider them to be a key part of the firm’s marketing initiative.

Justin Sadler: Barrett & Co. Solicitors

Printed Newsletters

We are bombarded with digital information every day and, for some, print is still a preference. Well produced, high quality newsletters have high perceived value and lend credibility to your firm.

Brand familiarisation and client retention are the key phrases here. You work hard for every client. However loyalty to your service is not guaranteed. 

A printed newsletter is a cost effective way of keeping existing and potential clients informed over legal updates and your firm’s activities.

Like other mediums, print can drive readers to your website giving you a way to measure your return on investment. Print should be an important part of your marketing mix.

Example of a printed newsletter

Web Development

Your website is central to your online presence. Although an obvious statement, there are many law firms that are not leveraging the best out of this vital asset. Your website is an essential tool for nurturing new clients and keeping existing ones empowered with up to date relevant information and developments.

Every bit of marketing that you do ultimately leads to your website. Whether from your business card, printed newsletter, email campaign, ad in a local magazine or a digital marketing campaign. All methods carry your web address.