Email Marketing

Reach your target market where ever they are with smart email campaigns tailored to their requirements.

Successful Email Marketing For Law Firms

Email marketing has a number of key benefits over traditional forms of marketing. Almost all of your clients will have an email address and this means that with their consent, you can include them in your marketing to complement your printed newsletters.

Email marketing can be instant and the results measured in real time giving you insights into client engagement with your content. However it is just as easy to get it wrong and waste opportunities with poorly implemented campaigns.

Savvy firms are realising that the ‘one size fits all’ method does not work in email any more. With most of us receiving 50 to 150 emails per day, it is important to stand out and be relevant.

Segmentation is the key to success and that starts with your list of clients and subscribers. Creating focused cohorts gives you the opportunity to target your subscribers with relevant content. Attention grabbing subject lines and well presented, mobile friendly content help cement an ongoing trust between you and your clients. If you send them rubbish then they won’t even bother to look next time.

We live in a world where you only have one chance to prove yourself.

If you are interested in discussing an email marketing campaign for the future or changing tactic on your current efforts then we would love to talk to you.

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Rodney-Hylton-Potts: Legal Consultants