Printed Newsletters For Law Firms

We are bombarded with digital information every day and, for some, print is still a preference. Well produced, high quality newsletters have high perceived value and lend credibility to your firm.

Nine Key Advantages Of Printed Newsletters

  1. Regular newsletters provide you with the opportunity to connect with your clients, existing or potential.
  2. Well produced, first class quality newsletters help build your brand. They have high perceived value and lend credibility to your firm.
  3. Clients respond positively to high value printed publications. They know your newsletter has cost time, effort and money to produce which encourages loyalty and builds lasting relationships.
  4. Printed newsletters are ‘portable’ and get handed around. Ideal to hand out after client meetings, at seminars and events and invaluable in your reception.
  5. An email newsletter typically receives 21 seconds of the recipients attention, printed newsletters contain far more information and images to capture the reader’s attention for longer.
  6. You can’t delete or block a printed newsletter forever with one click! Printed newsletters very rarely offend.
  7. Legal Media newsletters are never ‘white-labelled’ or standard newsletters. Newsletters are unique to each firm in both content and design.
  8. There are no contractual tie-ins with Legal Media newsletters.
  9. Legal Media newsletters feature content from Legal RSS, the UK’s leading supplier of legal content.

We were looking for a newsletter tailored to our firm. Something personal yet professional. We needed something where we could include our own staff comments, add contact details and choose bespoke articles. After an extensive search we discovered Legal Media. We got everything we wanted and more.

Tom Sorby: Ilett & Clark Solicitors